So you want to go travelling?

Just imagine… relaxing on a golden beach in Jamaica… trekking through a teeming jungle in Peru…. swimming up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef… roaming the electric streets of Tokyo at 3am in a Sake-fueled haze… ah, the possibilities!
But as the real world seeps back in - a dreary nine-to-five desk-job, perhaps? - Your dream can feel so very distant, perhaps even unattainable.
Then the self-doubt and common sense questions start in your head…..

"It will be really expensive; I just don’t think I can do it."
"I have no idea how much it will even cost."
"How will I ever get the money?"
We have the perfect answer for you!!
Start a Travel Fund with Us! 

Often people get a loan or use their credit cards to pay for vacations. Leaving them paying for their vacation long after it has ended.
Here at Hanson Travel we offer an INTEREST FREE way to save for the vacation of your dreams!
We designed our Travel Fund program to help our clients save and plan for their perfect vacation without going into debt. Your personal Travel Fund can be started with these three easy steps:
1. Schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable Travel Agents to get ideas on where you want to go, when you want to go and how much you will need to save.
2. Set up your travel fund with as little as $50!
3. Create yourself a budget and make deposits into your Travel Fund as often as needed to save for your big trip!

Really, it’s that easy!!

Remember, Every little bit counts. If you can only afford to put $50 in your account every month, do it anyway.
Over time, this little bit will add up to be a lot.
At the end of a year, if you save $25 a week, you’ll have enough money to travel to just about any country in the world!!
Call today to make an appointment to set up your Travel Fund!